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Quranic Arabic as per Madina Books Book-1 designed by Dr. Abdur Rahim
United States, Illinois, Lombard


 Quranic Arabic as per Madina Books designed by Dr. Abdur Rahim

وَرَتِّلِ الْقُرْآنَ تَرْتِيلً
Reading and understanding of Quran is obligatory on all of us. We cannot attain the state of Al-Ehsan and Khushoo while performing Salah. It must be our intention to understand the meaning of Quran and strive to achieve it. Muslim World Network encourages forming of Groups/Halaqa in each and every City for brothers and sisters where the Group Mederator can arrange "Quranic Arabic Class" and all students in the City physically attend the class and join the Group. The sisters and brothers who have the facility of fast internet, can form a Group with the name "Quran Arabic Class ------(name of the Town)---------(name of state)-----------(name of the country)" and arrange the group meeting where are get-to-gether on a week end and they are shown these video classes on the screen via projector or by connecting your TV to the computer. There are total 37 video files and each video file is of around 55 to 60 Minutes duration. If you conduct two classes each week, you must be able to complete in 18 weeks or around 5 Months. 
We have placed all video files together as a Forum where any student can login and watch the video at home and can interact by posting their remarks on the Forum and we try Sheik Abu Toubah to attend to you questions and  doubts etc. or a qualified person shall give the reply to your questions and doubts.
You  will find on each Forum a "Tab" on the top with the name "Post Reply" which you click and write your remarks.  

Quranic Arabic Classes were designed by Dr. Abur Rahim from Madina University. These classes have been conducted by Brother Asif Meher Ali at the Institure of the Language of Quran at Torento, Canada. He has covered the books in beautiful presentable way so that the spectors can easily pick up Quranic Arabic. We attempt to present here his all videos so that all Masajids, schools and Halaq can conduct the workshop of around one and half hour every day and teach the students on Quranic Arabic
All Group members can scroll down and see the book as printed by Dr. Abdur Rahim and they may us them in conjunction with the Video lectures as give at the Forum

They may click the above and go to the Forum or place this URL in the browser

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